Micro goodies set up

2 Million Potential Locations With No Competition

With 2 million potential locations and virtually no competition, this is a niche market that is grossly ignored and hungry for service. Check out this extraordinary ground floor opportunity that almost any individual can take advantage of.

There are over 26,000 businesses that have micro markets in their employee break rooms in the USA, and that number is growing daily. But these micro markets are located mostly in businesses with over 500 employees. There is a tremendous amount of competition in that niche and a limited number of potential business locations of that size. That is not where the true opportunity lies. The huge and truly neglected niche of over 2 million locations employing between 50 to 500 people is where the real opportunity exists. These smaller businesses are underserved, without a feasible payment system or access to the micro market they desired.

Healthy Smart Mart™ recognized this target market and developed a payment system designed specifically for this market segment. That's the core of our solution. We offer the payment system, the required equipment, business training, branding, location assistance, and all the support needed to launch a successful business in this industry.

Who Is This Opportunity For?

This business is ideally suited for entrepreneurs, especially those who want to be their own boss and are looking for greater financial freedom. People are attracted to our model because it offers the opportunity to create a truly passive income. It's a business where they don't need to be present every day or constantly overseeing employees. It's something they can confidently set up and operate, enjoying the freedom it offers.

This business is perfect for individuals who want to expand their horizons. It can be managed on a part-time basis, without the expectation of leaving your current job or profession, unless that's the choice you prefer. We've seen many success stories with people achieving both financial success and personal freedom. Essentially, what we're all about is assisting people in creating passive income, allowing them more financial freedom, and enabling them to live lives where they aren't tied to a business every day of the week.

What Is The Time Investment?

Once this business is established and integrated into locations, the main responsibility typically involves a service call once a week. Many people choose to outsource the service calls and manage them from a distance. But if hands-on is what you are looking for, you can take care of everything yourself and still have plenty of time for other interests.


If you owned a business with a break room, wouldn't you prefer a sophisticated automated market over a simple vending machine? Healthy Smart Mart™ provides the option to offer healthy eating options, and our selection is far broader and more convenient. It's an obvious choice. Any business that grasps what we provide wants it. They understand the benefits of a micro market in their employee break room, and they want everyone to take advantage of it.