Micro Markets

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Micro Markets are the fastest-growing break-room refreshment concept all across America! And Healthy Smart Mart™ is the leader for businesses with under 300 employees.

Our payment system is "app-based" eliminating the need for expensive kiosks and completely eliminating waiting lines at break-times. This means much more money in your pocket and an extraordinary ROI.

What are Micro Markets?

Micro markets are unattended "serve yourself" retail environments that enable employers to offer a variety of fresh and healthy food options to their employees. The consumers can review products both on shelves and in open coolers which allows them to pick products up, review nutritional information, and feel comfortable with what they choose before they make a purchase.

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How Do Customers Pay For Purchases?

Healthy Smart Mart™ micro market consumers use a proprietary cashless app-based payment system on their phones to make purchases as they shop without having to wait in any lines.

How Many Employees are required for a Company to Have a Micro Market?

There are currently over 23,600 micro markets in the US, and they are located almost entirely in businesses with over 500 employees. Healthy Smart Mart™ is the ONLY company we know of servicing the much larger number of locations with under 300 employees making this an untouched market with virtually no competition.

How Much Will it Cost a Company to Add a Micro Market to Their Break Room?

Employers get the benefits of offering employees an on site healthy eating option, and they can do that with a new Micro Market at no cost to their business.

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