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Small businesses often face challenges when it comes to providing quality food options for their employees. Traditional cafeterias can be costly and difficult to maintain, leaving many businesses with limited choices. However, Healthy Smart Mart’s™ micro markets offer a cost-effective and scalable solution that brings big benefits in a compact package. These self-service vending kiosks provide a variety of healthy and convenient food options, enhancing the workplace experience for small businesses.

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In educational settings, proper nutrition plays a crucial role in the cognitive development and overall well-being of students and teachers. Traditional vending machines and cafeterias often fall short in providing healthy, appealing options. However, Healthy Smart Mart’s™ micro markets are transforming how schools and universities approach food services. Learn more about the benefits of these self-service vending kiosks, then contact our team to invest in yours!

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Hospital food has long been the subject of jokes and complaints, known for its bland taste and lack of variety. This reputation for poor-quality food has often added to the stress of hospital stays and long shifts. However, with the introduction of micro markets, the narrative is changing. Read more about how these self-service vending kiosks from Healthy Smart Mart™ are transforming the way food is consumed in healthcare settings, then reach out for more information!

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In busy offices, employees are often caught in the whirlwind of long meetings, tight schedules, and constant multitasking, leaving little time for essential tasks, such as enjoying a nourishing meal. As a result, many employees find themselves grabbing quick, unhealthy snacks on the go, leading to energy crashes and decreased focus. Fortunately, there is a solution that offers a convenient and effective way to address these challenges — Healthy Smart Mart™ micro markets!

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As we embrace the evolution of modern amenities, it becomes evident that vending machines, once considered revolutionary, are now a relic of the past. In their place, a new contender has emerged — micro markets. These innovative self-serve vending kiosks are reshaping the landscape of workplace refreshment, offering a dynamic and tailored experience that goes beyond the limitations of traditional vending machines. Explore how Healthy Smart Mart’s ™ micro markets are transforming break rooms, then contact us for more information!

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Break rooms have long been recognized as a vital space within workplaces, offering employees a place to relax, recharge, and connect with their colleagues. The emergence of micro markets has revolutionized break room culture by enhancing the benefits of these communal spaces. Learn how Healthy Smart Mart™ is leading the way in providing innovative solutions that cater to the diverse needs of modern workplaces with our self-serving vending kiosks.

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In the fast-paced world of business, providing convenient and healthy food options for employees is essential. One innovative solution gaining popularity is the micro market from Healthy Smart Mart™. These self-service vending kiosks are revolutionizing the traditional vending machine experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything businesses need to know about micro markets.

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In today's fast-paced work environment, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge. One area where companies can make a significant impact on their employees' well-being is through the food options provided in the workplace. By offering nutritious and satisfying food choices, companies can boost productivity, morale, and overall health among their workforce. Learn more about how you can enhance your company's food offerings, then reach out to our team at Healthy Smart Mart™ to learn more about how we can help!

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When it comes to workspaces, high-quality food and beverage options are crucial for employee satisfaction and productivity. That’s why micro markets, self-service vending kiosks with a variety of fresh and packaged goods, have become increasingly popular in workplace break rooms. However, a one-size-fits-all approach does not always meet the unique needs of different businesses. Read more about how you can customize your Healthy Smart Mart™ micro market to fit the needs of your employees, then contact us for more information!

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Healthy Smart Mart™ micro markets offer a golden opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to build their businesses with the support of a reputable brand. Founded by Bill Way, whose expertise is chronicled in the book Micro Markets: Profit from the Automated Convenience Store BOOM!, Healthy Smart Mart™ empowers individuals to own their micro markets and strategically place them in high-traffic locations. Delve into the myriad benefits of investing in one of our micro markets, then contact us for more information on how to get started!

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Break rooms are essential spaces within any workplace, providing employees with a dedicated area to relax, recharge, and socialize. Healthy Smart Mart™ micro markets are helping to make these spaces even more enjoyable. These self-serving vending kiosks provide an upgraded experience that enhances employee satisfaction and productivity. Read more about how micro markets can improve your breakroom’s food and beverage options and create a more engaging workplace!

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In the competitive landscape of modern business, enhancing employee satisfaction and productivity is a top priority. Fortunately, our team at Healthy Smart Mart™ has come up with an innovative solution — micro markets! Unlike traditional vending machines, these fully automated convenience stores provide an upgraded experience that benefits both employees and employers. Learn more about why micro markets are the wave of the future, then contact us to positively impact your workplace!

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In today’s fast-paced work environments, providing employees access to convenient and healthy food options has become a top priority for many businesses. With micro markets from Healthy Smart Mart™, your business can do just that! Learn all about how these grab-and-go stations can benefit your employees and promote a healthier work environment!

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Discover the fastest growing business opportunity available today! Micro Markets are BOOMING! They are “automated convenience stores” and completely transforming the vending and retail world. Providing fresh, nutritious food and drink choices for businesses across the country. In this book, Bill Way reveals how you can enter the automated convenience store industry and become a successful entrepreneur. You'll learn the elements of a successful Micro Market, how to place, stock, operate, and maintain your own profitable micro market business. Here is the key to creating more profit with less time than you ever imagined possible!

owner bill way

At the heart of Healthy Smart Mart™ is its visionary founder, Bill Way.

Bill Way is well-known in the vending world. He started his first company, Way & Associates Inc., way back in 1972, marking the beginning of a journey that would span across multiple decades and various facets of the vending industry.

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With 2 million potential locations and virtually no competition, this is a niche market that is grossly ignored and hungry for service. Check out this extraordinary ground floor opportunity that almost any individual can take advantage of.

There are over 26,000 businesses that have micro markets in their employee break rooms in the USA, and that number is growing daily. But these micro markets are located mostly in businesses with over 500 employees. There is a tremendous amount of competition in that niche and a limited number of potential business locations of that size. That is not where the true opportunity lies. The huge and truly neglected niche of over 2 million locations employing between 50 to 500 people is where the real opportunity exists. These smaller businesses are underserved, without a feasible payment system or access to the micro market they desired.

Healthy Smart Mart™ recognized this target market and developed a payment system designed specifically for this market segment. That's the core of our solution. We offer the payment...

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Success in your Micro Market business is achieved by placing your Micro Markets into small and midsize business locations where you can service them and watch the profits roll in.

Micro Markets offer several advantages to both employers and employees. Your ability to share those benefits with business owners or decision makers will set the tone for your business. Below are some key selling points you can use to get your Micro Markets placed in the best business locations in your service area.

Variety and Quality

Micro markets offer a wider variety of fresh and healthy food options compared to traditional vending machines. This includes items like salads, sandwiches, fruits, and gourmet coffee that wouldn't be available otherwise. Higher quality food can lead to happier and more productive employees.


Micro markets operate 24/7, providing employees with the convenience and flexibility to access healthy food and drinks at any time without leaving the office. This can be especially beneficial for businesses...

Micro Market Setup

Finding locations for your Micro Markets is the first and most important step in establishing your business. Once a location is set up and operational, it is really just a service call once a week. The one question we get asked more than any other is "How do I find my locations?"

You might think that finding locations could be a problem, but here at Healthy Smart Mart™ we have answers and we provide guidance and assistance towards that goal. If we couln't find enough locations then there would be a problem. Let's look at how you can find your locations.

We Are Overwhelmed With Locations

We have identified over 2 million locations in the United States, and we have no competition that we know of. That is because most Micro Market businesses have targeted larger businesses with over 500 employees. We have a Micro Market system that is geared towards small and mid size businesses with 50-500 employees. We have helped our Healthy Smart Mart™ clients establish approximately 1,000 Micro Mart locations to date which means we have barely scrtched the...