Micro Market Setup

Finding Locations For Your Micro Markets

Finding locations for your Micro Markets is the first and most important step in establishing your business. Once a location is set up and operational, it is really just a service call once a week. The one question we get asked more than any other is "How do I find my locations?"

You might think that finding locations could be a problem, but here at Healthy Smart Mart™ we have answers and we provide guidance and assistance towards that goal. If we couln't find enough locations then there would be a problem. Let's look at how you can find your locations.

We Are Overwhelmed With Locations

We have identified over 2 million locations in the United States, and we have no competition that we know of. That is because most Micro Market businesses have targeted larger businesses with over 500 employees. We have a Micro Market system that is geared towards small and mid size businesses with 50-500 employees. We have helped our Healthy Smart Mart™ clients establish approximately 1,000 Micro Mart locations to date which means we have barely scrtched the surface of the available 2 million locations in the US that we have identified.

The Process of Finding Locations

Each Healthy Smart Mart™ client will have a service area where they intend to operate their business, and they will seek to find business locations that are within their service area.

List Building:

We develop a list of businesses within a client's service area that meet the size specifications of between 50-500 employees. These are businesses that would be able to use and sustain a Micro Market in their employee break room. Clients can use that list to contact businesses directly or through a Direct Mail campaign

Direct Mail:

We have a direct mail program that works well which is targeted at businesses in a client's service area which we compile for the client. The businesses are sent a four colored postcard highlighting the benefits of a Micro Market for theit break room. This program has been very effective.

Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

We use search engine optimization on the HealthySmartMart.com website as well as websites developed for each client to generate targeted traffic. We use custom written keyword rich content, meta tag descriptions, page titles all optimized for each client's service area.

Business Locator:

We also connect our clients with an independent business locator that we have worked with for many years. Joseph will travel to your service area and work with you to get your locations. As a client you would have the option to hire Joseph and he will get locations for you and train you how to do it yourself so you will not need to use him again in the future.


Healthy Smart Mart™ provides everything you will need to go out and find locations where you can place your micro markets, and start earning a regular stream of income by just managing each market once a week. Once you have placed your initial markets in these locations, you can start planning your expansion by getting additional Micro Markets, additional locations, and a higher monthly income. You will be able to expand as far and wide as you desire.