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Key Selling Points for Placing Your Micro Markets in Small Business Break Rooms

Success in your Micro Market business is achieved by placing your Micro Markets into small and midsize business locations where you can service them and watch the profits roll in.

Micro Markets offer several advantages to both employers and employees. Your ability to share those benefits with business owners or decision makers will set the tone for your business. Below are some key selling points you can use to get your Micro Markets placed in the best business locations in your service area.

Variety and Quality

Micro markets offer a wider variety of fresh and healthy food options compared to traditional vending machines. This includes items like salads, sandwiches, fruits, and gourmet coffee that wouldn't be available otherwise. Higher quality food can lead to happier and more productive employees.


Micro markets operate 24/7, providing employees with the convenience and flexibility to access healthy food and drinks at any time without leaving the office. This can be especially beneficial for businesses because it enables employees to quickly and easily take a break from their work without leaving the office.

Improved Employee Morale

Having a micro market in an office break room can improve the morale of the employees as well as the overall work environment. It's a place where employees can socialize, relax, and recharge during their breaks. MIcro MArkets can truly promote a sense of community within the office.


Unlike vending machines, Micro Markets can be tailored to fit the specific needs and preferences of the employees. This can include stocking specific brands or types of food based on employee feedback.

Increased Productivity

By eliminating the need for employees to leave the office for snacks or meals, a Micro Market can save time and boost productivity.

Technology Integration

Our USER-FRIENDLY "app-based" payment system not only improves the user experience but also allows for better inventory management and sales tracking. There are NO expensive kiosks required to take payments more importantly, there are NO lines for customers to wait in. That translates into INCREASED SALES!

Wellness Programs

If the company has a wellness program, a Micro Market can align with this initiative by offering healthy food options which to a healthier lifestyle for all employees.

Attracting Quality Candidates

Prospective employees often consider amenities like an on-site Micro Market when choosing where to work. Offering such benefits can give a business a competitive edge in the job market.


Be sure to use these key selling points to give yourself an edge when trying to land the best locations for your Micro Markets.